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  • His eyes are two of my favorite ones, and I have a great taste in eyes. This morning’s awakening was terribly sad, I couldn’t believe those words saying that he’s dead, at first I thought it was just a hoax. He’s been a hero for my generation and, to me, he was a nice, smart man and actor with beautiful eyes. I hope he’s resting in peace, I’m appalled by this loss.  

    The moment undisciplined Donnie caught the heart of the undisciplined little me.

    Somehow, his character taught me that I wasn’t just a repudiate dark, that I wasn’t just evil, that it isn’t a guilt to be a free radical, yet it’s a resource. I was different just because of my individual thoughts, I had to show my teeth and - most important - my ideas, I had to ignore the others and let those narrow-minded people talk back and stew in their own juices. Gradually, this awareness became stronger and stronger and then it rescued me from a deep delusion. (Yes, I’m justifying myself for posting such a teenage scene. I still think he’s got great crazy eyes)

    Today I feel like a damn cougar (though obviously I’m not) and I want this teen Jake to marry me. I see this all is impossible, but let me daydream.

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